3 Framed Dedication Determination Endurance Trees Motivational Posters Bundle 22x28

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This is the perfect way to decorate your entire office. Each Framed Motivational Poster comes completely assembled and ready to display. Set of three landscape and tree themed prints, which include Dedication, Determination, and Endurance. Dedication features a lone cypress tree on the California Coast, with the golden sunset and rock outcroppings in the background. Determination shows a tiny baby pine tree beginning to sprout of the soil, while directly behind it stands a full-grown tree planted firmly in the ground. Endurance gives us a beautiful, full tree that looks like it belongs in a stunning East Coast fall setting sits among a baron landscape in the dead of winter. The tree is comprised of gorgeous reddish, orange, salmon-colored leaves, full of life and beauty. The trees it sits among are dead, lifeless and without leaves. The ground it sits upon is covered in a white blanket of snow, leaving one to wonder just how the tree has managed to survive such a drastic winter. Size: 22 x 28 Print Frame Molding Color / Material: Black, wood. Molding Dimensions: 1 inch wide by 0.75 inches tall. These 22x28 motivational posters come completely assembled and are ready to hang. Included: Acrylic facing, Cardboard backing, Hanging hardware.