4 Vision Integrity Possibilities Framed Motivational Posters

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This is the perfect way to decorate your entire office. Each Framed Motivational Poster comes completely assembled and ready to display. OPPORTUNITY - WINDOW. "Where there is an open window there exists limitless opportunity." EXCELLENCE - EAGLE. "Our habits are what push us past the limits of mediocrity into the realm of distinction." VISION - MOUNTAIN. "The best way to see the future is to create it." INTEGRITY - WAVE. "Integrity comes when character is tested; keep true and never be ashamed of doing what is right." Size: 22 x 28 Print Frame Molding Color / Material: Black, wood. Molding Dimensions: 1 inch wide by 0.75 inches tall. This 22x28 motivational poster comes completely assembled and is ready to hang. Included: Acrylic facing, Cardboard backing, Hanging hardware.